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Chances are, you are more afraid of code than it is of you.

Many people have the desire to learn, but are offered confusing advice on how to start.
The posts here show some of the many things programming can do, how it can impact your real life, and how accessible it is once you have the right help.

Too many sites leave newcomers in the lurch after a ‘paint-by-numbers’ introduction.
My aim here is to do the opposite; to suggest directions you can take your programming, toward creative and rewarding results.

You really won’t be able to stop once you find your groove.

Basic Setup

This guide will cover getting your development environment ready for development.
You’ll then be ready to take on most of the posts on the site.

Mac Linux Windows


Terminal shell

Command line installer

  • Install homebrew


  • Install git

Visual studio code





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Byron Hallett

Developer by day, asleep during the night

I am software engineer with a background in artificial intelligence, full stack development and nanotechnology. I am motivited primarily to learn and evolve my skillset, and to challenge myself with ever-increasingly difficult puzzles. Show More Through my multi-disciplinary work, tertiary study, and self-driven interests, I have established a high level of confidence in: Scientific programming and data science, formal logic verification, embedded-systems programming, native mobile development, video game design/development, and full-stack web development. [Read More]