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Chances are, you are more afraid of code than it is of you.

Many people have the desire to learn, but are offered confusing advice on how to start.
The posts here show some of the many things programming can do, how it can impact your real life, and how accessible it is once you have the right help.

Too many sites leave newcomers in the lurch after a ‘paint-by-numbers’ introduction.
My aim here is to do the opposite; to suggest directions you can take your programming, toward creative and rewarding results.

You really won’t be able to stop once you find your groove.

Writing music with code

Admit it: You’ve been searching for a way to write music using a text editor!

You’ve used musical notation software long enough to be sick of its slow, sprawling screens of endless notes. And even if you haven’t, it must strike you as odd that we slavishly attempt to emulate pen and paper notation with our keyboards and micies.

Recently, I came across one language which bridges the gap between computing and musical notation.

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